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a little late perhaps but our new album Tenements (of the anointed flesh) is out now and available online and in your usual music holes. just follow the stink….


One Month…

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… and counting untill the opening of the Tenements on May 2nd. Unfortunately for YOU another track has snuck out early. Unjoy.


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As I type the masters are currently crawling across the face of the Earth to the Code666 offices. The expect release is some time in May. More videos and maybe a track or two will be available  between now and the release date.

For now enjoy the above track whilst we crawl back into our fetid holes to sleep for the next month.

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In May 2011, The Axis Of Perdition return with “Tenements (Of The Anointed Flesh)”, concluding the desperate story of Urfe with an intensity verging on the traumatic.

The inescapable result is a maelstrom of an album that cuts to the very heart of The Axis Of Perdition and exposes the diseased core with a violence, depth and derangement that is so far unmatched in the band’s discography. No aspect of the band’s signature sound goes unmolested in the merciless compulsion to push everything further than they have ever pushed before. Originally conceived in 2005, and meticulously honed to the most painful edge conceivable, “Tenements (Of The Anointed Flesh)” is a potent distillation of everything that makes The Axis Of Perdition such a unique and disturbing proposition. Haunting, moving, excruciating and excoriating in equal measure, it is an album that demands attention from start to finish and will leave no listener untouched.

Official tracklist:

1. The Sleeper
2. Unveiled

3. Unbound
4. Sigils and Portents
5. The Flesh Spiral
6. Dark Red Other
7. The Changer
8. Disintegration
9. Ordained

The abyss yawns open May 2011 on code666 ; be ready.

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The album is 90% mixed

The art is 50% complete

perhaps by this time next week you will get to hear a new song


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Tracking is complete for the noise and ambience, just a few bits of keyboards to go.

A new song will be online……..




Visual Therapy

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The Visual Therapy ward is now open, see below for the first installment.